Moving Forward

It’s been an entire year since I’ve moved into my very own apartment and it’s crazy how far I’ve come since then. I’ve had three jobs, snagged cute furniture for my room (I own my own bed that I procured all on my own so that officially makes me an adult!), have worked and reworked my budget in order to support myself….I’ve done a lot!

402403453_1e37f2d6bb_bPhoto by Jose Cuervo Elorza via Flickr.

One question I’ve been asking myself this whole time, especially since I left university, is where I want to be in my future. How do I envision my future and how to I plan on getting myself there? For the past year I’ve been working on not overthinking that question (or thinking about it at all) and have been focusing on learning how to take care of myself and survive on my own out in the real world. I feel like learning how to take care of myself will be a long journey but I feel like I’ve come far enough down this road to be able to start to focus on other life missions.

I recently quit a job that was causing me an insane amount of stress and as a result I’ve been able to think much more clearly about where I am in life and what direction I was to start heading in. I didn’t realize how all-consuming stress can be, but since I’ve cut a lot of the background noise out of my life I’ve had space in my head to construct plans for my future.

If I don’t want to go back to school that is perfectly fine, but I’m over scraping by on minimum wage and begging for more hours with these part-time gigs. I feel like it’s time for me to get a big girl job and start working on a career. I want the security and the income of a “real job” but there are several things I need to do in order to start working on my career.

14931244568_d0ed062008_kPhoto by wackystuff via Flickr.

I need to 1) get a driver’s license and a car 2) get a better paying job in my current town 3) save up money big time! 4) move from my current town to my dream city 5) start on my career.

That’s a lot. I’m confident I can achieve all of my goals, though. This is, of course, an extremely simple run down of my goals and plans but you get the jist. I’m going to be in my current town for at least another year so I have time to save up and work on making myself a better candidate for potential jobs I’ll be looking for once I move.

It feels great to have goals and ambition again. I really do believe it was good for me to take a year off to focus on myself in the present moment, but now I feel like it’s time for me to start moving forward again. I feel like once I get into a different city I’ll be surrounded my more job opportunities as well is more social opportunities. Maybe I’ll have a better time making friends once I’m in a different environment. Who know? Maybe I’ll actually start dating one day! That’s the least of my concerns, but it would be nice. For now I’m putting my all of jump-starting my career. First things first, though: let’s learn how to drive!

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