Lifestyle Adjustments #2

It’s been two months since I started working on living a healthier lifestyle and I’ve come back to report my progress! In my initial post about my lifestyle adjustments I set a few realistic goals for myself in order to start shaping myself into a healthier version of myself. Since then I’ve gone above and beyond all of my goals and now it’s time to set a few more.


Cut back on my dairy consumption – Not only have I cut out red meats from my diet, but I’ve cut out meat altogether. Vegetarianism has been working really well for me! I make sure to get plenty of protein by eating vegetarian alternatives for meat and protein shakes. I also make sure to get my fair share of vitamin B12 everyday with a vitamin supplement. From here I’d like to cut back on my dairy consumption. I feel like diary isn’t all that great from me (often times I get sick when I eat it) and it’s often added to dishes when there actually Isn’t a reason for it to be there (I personally don’t noticed cheese on most dishes it’s included in). Replacing the basics of dairy in my diet should be easy, but it’s my love for ice cream that will be the hardest to overcome.

Do a workout three times a week – Initially my goal was to work out twice a week but I immediately started working out three times a week instead. I do forty minute pilates routines each week that has been working for me nicely. I can get a full workout in the comfort of my own bedroom! I’ve been working out since the beginning of March and I can definitely tell that I’ve gotten stronger. I’ve cut back a little on my workouts over the past couple of weeks because I’ve been way more active since getting my second job (I walk to and from both jobs uphill) but I don’t want to give up on pilates altogether. My goal is to keep working out three times a week despite all of the walking I do for work.

Keep up with my great water drinking habits – Of course I don’t always drink my full 60 oz of water each day like I should but even on the days that I only drink 20 oz it’s still more than no water at all. After two months of drinking water everyday I’ve noticed that my body reacts badly on the days that I don’t drink water. I get headaches and my stomach cramps up when I don’t drink enough water. My question now is how on Earth did I live so long without drinking the appropriate amount of water??? How did I manage to function so long with so little water??

Keep jammin’ on those vitamins! – I’ve been taking my daily multivitamins every day and although I couldn’t tell you about any tangible changes because of it, I can assure you that it feels great knowing that my body has plenty of vitamins to work with each day. Sometimes it’s the little things that can kick your health up several notches! I was even given Hello Kitty vitamins from my future step-mom because she supports all of these changes I’ve been making for my health. Support from others is key!

I don’t believe in dieting or short term health changes. Being healthy is a lifestyle and after working on it for two months I’ve noticed some changes in myself. I feel better physically and I feel better about myself physically. I have no idea if I’ve slimmed down during the past couple of months because I got rid of my scale, but when I look in the mirror I definitely am loving what I’m seeing again. Instead of being self-conscious and uncomfortable about my soft body I’m seeing how adorable and amazing it is! I know I’m doing what I can in order to take care of my body and as it turns out, that’s what matters at the end of the day. Once I got in the habit of treating my body right I was able to accept the way that I am in my own mind. It’s a journey, of course, and I still have moments when I question myself in the mirror but those moments have been reduced significantly and I have way more moments when I look at myself and think “Damn! I look good!”.

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