How To Boost Your Confidence

It seems like obtaining and maintaining confidence has always been a problem for people and always will be. Even when someone finally finds confidence there will always be people trying to bring them down (I’ve personally been called vain before simply for admitting that I love being me).


Image by halfrain via Flickr.

Confidence is the biggest element in life that can better your experience here on Earth so here’s a few tips I have for you about keeping your confidence up:

Update your look – Confidence isn’t only skin deep but loving how you how you look and feel can help boost you. My go-to tactic is getting a fresh haircut or color. Be risky and try new things with your look! Not everything will pan out but when it does it’ll make you feel great!

Jot down things that you like about yourself – Don’t tell me there isn’t a single thing you like about yourself! Is it your sense of humor, how well you treat your friends, a skill you have, how you look in those cool shoes? Anything and anything that you like about yourself, write it down and save the list for when you’re having a hard time so you can look back over it and remember that you’re amazing.

Listen to a playlist that boosts your good mood – Music is so relateable and can easily help you get over a bad mood or boost your good mood. Make playlists for all occasions.

Wear your favorite pair of underwear – I get it. No one will see your underwear but trust me, this one works. Buy a pair literally with Wonder Woman on it if you have to!

Treat your body right – Eat everyday, get plenty of sleep, enjoy some fresh air, do what you gotta do. If you treat your body right you’ll feel better and your body will be nice and strong for years to come (because let’s be real, it’s the only body you have).

Get a hobby – Getting a hobby was one of the best things I’ve done to date. It’ll give you a sense of purpose, give you something to be proud of, allow you to explore your interests, and make new friends.

Interact with friends – Whether it’s movie night in or going out on the town nothing boosts confidence quite like spending quality time with good friends!

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