My Ariana Grande Obession

I am in love with Ariana Grande. Plain and simple.


I talk about her all of the time, play her over the intercom speakers at work (despite my coworker’s protests. Y’all know you love her, too!), set photos of her as my background on all of my electronics, published drawings of her on the blog, and  listen to her music pretty much every day since August (I snagged her second album for free on the Google Play Store last summer and I’ve been a changed person ever since).

She’s cute, talented, successful, and a true inspiration to me. Once I finally get around to making a new inspiration board to hang above my desk (my last one is a bit outdated) you KNOW she’s going to be plastered all over it! I genuinely adore her and her music.

So I’m proud to announce that my sister and I got tickets to see Ariana Grande LIVE IN CONCERT this October when she comes back to Texas. AAAAHHHHH!! I can’t help but tear up a bit when I look at my phone background now because I know I get to see her IN THE FLESH!!! I also get to see Iggy Azalea in concert in October,too, and I am SO PUMPED. The Ariana Grande show will be my first big show (I’ve never been to an arena show with all of the bells and whistles) so it’ll be a truly eye opening experience.

Ariana Grande is a true queen and I can’t wait to see her perform. In the meantime I’ll be jammin’ out to her songs, including my favorites, Hands On Me, Love Me Harder, and Adore (technically by Cashmere Cat but the vocals are all her!). Ugh! I’m just so obsessed!

Photos via Pinterest

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