March 2015 Update

It’s April already and I can hardly believe it! The only way I can accept this truth is because it’s raining for the first time all year and you know what they say: April showers bring May flowers. Where I live the flowers will be burnt to a crisp by June but we can still enjoy them while they’re here. In the meantime let’s reflect a little on March!


My major accomplishments involve my personal health and fitness. I started doing Pilates three times a week (and actually have been keeping up with it) and have been working on eating better foods. I have my health goals that I’m working on, but I’ll do a full update on that later. Overall, I’ve been making good progress with my health and feel like I’ve become healthier and stronger over the past month.

Another accomplishment I’ve made in March was spending more time with friends. I’ve always been more introverted, though I do have a strange streak of extroverted qualities that make me want to spend a fair amount of time with other people. I’m still working on figuring out which type of social settings I like to be in (which can be pretty disheartening at times), but I’ve been putting myself out there and that’s what counts.

My final major achievement of March was landing myself a second job! I felt like I had way too much free time for quite some time now (plus I’m broke as hell) so I decided it was time to pick up  a second job. I work at a sandwich shop so I got a job at another one that is literally a block over from my original place of work. You read that right. I work at two different sandwich shops now that are practically right next door to each other. I’m excited about this new gig because it’s more work experience, more money, and potential new friends!

All in all, March has been an extremely productive month for me. I’m looking forward to being just as productive (if not even more so) in April. Speaking of, check out my calendar for the new month!


The flower print background is so perfect for April! Sneak peak into April: I fixed up my room and got tickets to see Ariana Grande in the Fall! I’m ready to make the most of April!

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