Wishlist #7


1. Smarties Pillow – This pillow is WAY too cute to pass up. I’m in love with it!

2. Lotion Flask – This reminds me of Dee, Dennis, and Charlie drinking alcohol (and sunscreen) out of sun screen bottles on the jersey shore.

3. Melty Dress – This dress is so Katy Perry circa 2010 and it’s perfect!

4. Gameboy Sweater – Throwback! It makes me think of my first gameboy back in the 6th grade. Pokemon Silver version for life.

5. Hey Arnold Crop Top – This crop top is so wrong it’s right.

6. Hubba Bubba Sweatshirt – There was once a summer where I chewed Hubba Bubba as I traced Inuyasha pictures while I taught myself how to draw. It was a long time ago. Oh, memories.

7. Veronica Suspender Skirt – Pastel + Purple = cutecutecute! The suspenders are a nice twist.

8. Rainbow Temporary Tattoo Set – I love these colors! It’d be fun to use up the temp tattoos.

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