How To Revitalize Your Social Life

A few months ago I went through a bit of a rut with my social life. I’m sure it’s mostly all in my head (or my own doing) but that didn’t make it and less uncomfortable for me. Fortunately, I’ve never been one to wallow in my problems. I identify the issue, come up with possible solutions, and follow through with my plan. As far is my social life is currently concerned I’ve made some great progress with revitalizing it. Here are a few things I did that could help you revitalize your social life, as well:


Photo by bekassine… via Flickr.

Reach out to the people who are right in front of you – Coworkers, classmates, people you know but not well. Be bold, straightforward, and simple ask to hang out more. Once people know you’re interested in hanging around they become more open to including you in their plans.

Don’t fall back on toxic friends – It’s easy to turn back to the people you know are no good for you but if you’ve cut them out of your life there is probably a really good reason for it. Falling back to toxic friendships will lead to more drama and hurt feelings (and by hurt feelings I mean YOUR feelings). It won’t be long until you’re right back where you started: feeling ditched and awfully alone.

Flush out your negative thoughts – Don’t allow yourself to hold you back! Worried people think you’re a loser/annoying/crazy? Honestly, they most likely don’t. People probably aren’t thinking that deeply about you because they don’t know you that well. Worried that no one cares about you? Prove yourself wrong by putting yourself out there!

Open up – This step is probably one of the more obvious ones, but it’s much easier said than done. Just start talking! Tell your weird little stories. Confide in the people around you, even if it’s the most trivial things. If you show people you’re interested in having a conversation they’ll treat you the same way.

Work on yourself – Confidence goes a long way! How you present yourself (actions, words, looks, general vibe) are factors as well. Aim to be the person you want to be and focus on being a happier person. When you feel good about yourself your good attitude will shine through.

Go to events – I’m more of an At-Home Bloggy Bloggy Girl but going out can be fun, too. You can see some interesting things (like fire-jugglers in a back alleyway), meet new people, bond with people you already know, and at the end of the day you’ll have great stories and fun memories!

Reach out to old friends – Everyone has friends they haven’t seen or talked to in a while. With the help of social media (or a simple phone call) reconnecting with friends is easier than ever. Chat, call, Skype, meet up in person, whatever works for you. Reach out to your friends because if you feel like they don’t care about you anymore the odds are they probably feel the same way. Prove them wrong!

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