Wishlist #6

This wishlist isn’t about specific products I want from a website/store. It’s more about the general style/product. The actual items I pick up may vary.

1. Creepers – Initially I thought creepers were silly and odd, but the more I see them floating around on Pinterest the more I feel tempted to give them a shot…

2. Manic Panic Dye in Enchanted Forest – I’ve recently got back into dyeing my hair fun colors and a color I really want to try is dark green. Maybe I’ll do it just in time for my Joker Halloween costume.

3. Classic Flannel – It’s a lot harder to find a classic red and black flannel, but I want one and one of these days I’ll find one (probably in a thrift shop).

4. Thigh High Socks – Another Pinterest find, high socks are so cute with dresses and I’m dying to see if I can full it off!

5. Sick Sad World Tank Top – Representing Daria all year long! Just in time for summer, too!

6. Sneaker Wedges – Another shoe I thought was a bit much initially but I’m starting to warm up to the idea.

7. Peter Pan Collars – Instantly make a dress or blouse adorable with a cute little collar!

8. Beer Sweater – No explanation necessary.

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