Lifestyle Adjustments

With Winter coming to an eventual close I’ve recently started to get the health bug again. I’ve been taking a closer look at how I’ve been living my life health-wise and I feel inspired to do better. In order to keep myself on track I’ve written down my health goals and have decided to share some of them on the blog in hopes of holding myself more accountable. Maybe if I update my progress here I’ll feel more motivated to stay on track! Here are a few changes I would like to make to my current lifestyle:


Image by Colin Dunn via Flickr.

Cut out red meats – I feel like meats really weigh me down. I feel so heavy on the inside. That might also have to do with my cheese/buttery food intake. I’m starting with the red meats, though. I also plan on reducing how much meat I eat in general, but it’s hard for me to quit altogether because I walk everywhere and in turn constantly need a lot of energy.

Do a workout routine twice a week – I’m going to start off small in order to keep myself going. Last time I tried this I think I was a little too ambitious and quickly wore myself out. I don’t have access to a gym but that’s okay because there are tons of videos on YouTube that work just as well. All I need to do is set up my little iPad and I’m good to go!

Drink more water – I can’t remember a time I’ve consistently drank an appropriate amount of water, which is especially bad because I live in such a hot part of the world. Drinking water always seemed like such a forced activity until I bought a tumbler cup. I can refill it (so I’m not wasting resources), it’s cute (and a bit silly), and it has a straw! Straws are the only contraption that can make me drink four glasses of water a day.

Take my vitamins – It’s such a simple task, but over the past year I’ve been having trouble finding a multi-vitamin that doesn’t make me sick. I’ve gone back to using gummy vitamins which have been easier on my stomach but I still feel like my body is getting used to having all of these nutrients. I’ll give it a month to see if I can adjust.

I feel like these lifestyle changes will be a positive change in my life and I’m hoping I’ll see some of the effects by summer. I want to be in better shape so I can handle working and having fun (I get tired pretty easily at this point in my life). It also wouldn’t hurt if I slimmed down a bit, though I refuse to let that be my drive. I’m even getting rid of my scale. I want to focus of being healthy, not dieting and exercising to be thinner.

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