February 2015 Update

Another month has come and gone which means it’s time for another monthly recap!

february complete

February was a pretty interesting month for me. I spent more time out and about with friends, which is a really big step for me. I made a few new friends is February, as well. Being more social has been one of my goals for a while and I’m glad I’m finally taking the time to work on it.

Another accomplishment is that I posted every other day here on Loitering Lion for the entire month. Posting according to my schedule has been something I’ve been struggling with since last summer so I’m really proud that I’m finally back to my usual level of productivity with Loitering Lion. I even posted about a really great artist I interviewed earlier this year (LINK). It’s been a pretty good month for Loitering Lion.

I haven’t been as productive with my side projects, however. Many projects of mine have been at a standstill during February, but that is okay. Now I’m aware of what I need to work on in March!


In March I’m looking forward to being more productive with my creative projects, getting more work down with Loitering Lion, as well as living a healthier life. This month I’m working on bettering my health by adjusting my lifestyle. More on that later!

February was a pretty good month for me, but I’m looking forward to kicking it up a few notches in March.

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