Back To Fun Hair Colors!

It’s been almost a year since I dyed my hair black, and although I still love the color I decided it’s finally time to mix things up and go for a new color. I tried doing pink again back in December which turned out horribly but I learned from my mistakes.


This time I didn’t skip any steps. My hair started off pretty long (for me) and it was about time for me to get a haircut anyway. Instead of going for my usual trim I got most of my hair cut off. It was an amazing experience having a stylist straight up shaving the sides and back of my hair off. I got a lot taken off the top, too, which was necessary because I had to get rid of as much of the dyed black hair.


I’m still not used to having my hair so short, but it certainly isn’t the first time I’ve been here. I think I just prefer the slightly shaggy pixie (or maybe that’s just what I’m used to seeing).

After I cut off most of the black I had a lot of work ahead of me in order to get it to the color I wanted. I had to strip the black hair dye off of my hair, bleach it, and then dye it with Manic Panic’s Purple Haze.

My hair in low lighting (left) and bright lighting (right).

My hair turned out really well. The tips on top are darker than the rest of my hair but that’s because the black dye was on those sections the longest. Other parts of my hair are purple-pink, which is super cool. Purple Haze was a good choice in color for me because I got the best of both worlds, a dark color AND pink. Who doesn’t love pink hair??

I can’t wait for the darker parts to grow out so I can do more fun colors in the future. I’ve been thinking of dark green, steel blue, bright pink (again), and more of this pink-purple color. I’m glad I finally took the plunge again and dyed my hair a fun color. I’m excited to see how my hair evolves in the upcoming months!

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