Getting Ready For Summer

With winter coming closer and closer to a close I can’t help but jump three strides ahead and start getting ready for summer. Things heat up quickly down here in Texas so summer begins around mid-March for us.


Photo by Oliver Regelmann via Flickr.

I’m so pumped for summer! I want to go to the movies, visit festivals, hit the beach, and so much more. I have a little bit more of a wait ahead of me but in the meantime I’m getting ready for the new season.

1) Clothes – between clothes swaps and thrift stores I have plenty of great new outfits lined up for summer. I even tested a handful of them out during a particularly warm week last month.

2) Swimsuit – This year I finally decided to splurge on a quality swimsuit. I went for a style that I think is a much cuter look on me with a high wasted bikini. The color was a bit darker than what was advertised on ModCloth’s website which is an issue since they charge so much for their clothes. The least they could do is provide what they advertise, am I right? It’s still a cute suit and I can’t wait to make good use of it at the river, on the beach, at the pool, all over the place!

3) Sunglasses – I’ve never had sunglasses because I wear glasses and it’s trouble to go out of my way to find (and pay for) prescription sunglasses. This year is my year though! I’m going to go for a cat-eye pair, which would look really great with my new swimsuit.

4) Fresh Haircut – Although it is a bit early I recently shaved my locks off. This is the shortest my hair has been in quite some time, if ever. It’s a little shorter than I typically like but I figure it’ll be grown out to just the right length when then next heatwave hits.

5) Drinking Water – As I get ready for summer I’ve been building some better lifestyle habits. I bought a reusable cup and it has helped me stay hydrated. I’ve been drinking four cups of water a day (opposed to my usual none).

6) Higher Quality Camera – I’m ready to blog my ass off this summer and since I have a better camera I can’t wait to snap shots all over the place. The camera on my phone is amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can create this summer.

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