Kevin Ray Bennett

Kevin Ray Bennett

Pop culture is often trivialized and dismissed by many creative people in the world but for Kevin Ray Bennett it’s a powerful source of inspiration. With acrylic paints and brushes Kevin takes bits and pieces of reality and meshes it with his dreams to create his art.

Bennett’s style is hard to define so you shouldn’t even try to fit it into a specific genre. He started painting in 2011 on a whim but didn’t get really into it until  a year later when he was bored and broke. “After about two years I developed my preferred technique” Kevin stated, “From there I started going with my instincts, using my intuition to know how to express myself to the fullest.”

As far as having goals as an artist Bennett’s dream is to travel with his work and share it with people all over the world. Ultimately he says would like to “create art that will long outlive [himself]. To have parts of [him] still alive even after [he’s] long gone.”

Sharing artwork online has it’s pros and cons and Kevin knows them well. “I’m just happy people get to see what I do” he said, “That, to me, is the greatest part. When something I’ve created speaks to someone or moves someone I feel a great sense of accomplishment” however, “I’ve had to develop more confidence in myself and my abilities and just share everything I do regardless of my fears of what anyone will think. Negative judgments are just a part of life and everyone has a perspective of what they think art should be.” And as for fitting the mold, Kevin states “Many times I felt tempted to mold to other’s expectations of art. To please them. That is not what creating art is about. At least not to me. To me creating art is about expressing yourself in the most personal way possible, even if that does not connect with everyone.”

A few pieces of Bennett’s art

Bennett’s favorite pieces of his are his ‘Ultraviolet’ paintings. “Never have I expressed myself or my mind so accurately. The paintings began after the darkest time in my life. A lot of destruction. A lot of loss, heartbreak and sorrow. I took refuge within myself and created my own world with many little world’s within. The things that I went through were all quite terrible and some of those things I have to live with and face everyday. I know now that my inspiration and desire to create will never fail me now. There is a silver lining to even the worst things in life.”

Kevin Ray Bennett is an American artist and you can keep up with his work by liking his Facebook page, You can also find him on Instagram, Tumblr., Twitter, and on his Etsy shop.

“Many people are infatuated with the ultra-realistic. I’ve found that I’m fascinated with the Ultraviolet. The Unseen. The Unrealistic and Ethereal. I just want my work to be an escape from reality.”

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