Sending Valentines

♪ Valentine’s Day. I’m talkin’ ’bout Valentine’s Day. STOP! And smell the roses! ♫


This year I’ve decided to spend Valentine’s Day spreading a little love by giving out Hello Kitty valentine boxes filled with chocolate to my coworkers. It’s a good thing I work at such a small shop so I can afford include everyone!

I really do love working at my current job and feel lucky to have snagged a spot there. As it turns out, knowing the right people makes a difference. I have a blast at work (when I’m not holding back slews of profanities directed at various customers) and all of my coworkers are cool people.

Not to mention completely nuts.

I love those damn clowns at Alvin Ord’s Sandwich Shop* and I hope they all have a great Valentine’s Day!

If you’re still not feeling Valentine’s Day this year check out this Singles On Valentine’s Day workshop video and be sure to SMELL THE DOZEN.

*Alvin Ord’s was recently featured in a list of best sandwich shops in the country on BuzzFeed, if you’re into that sort of thing (we’re #15).

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