Personal Improvement Since 2007

When I was in middle school I was horribly awkward. There were many reasons for my awkwardness, the main one being that I was completely uncomfortable with myself at the time. As it turns out, most people feel that way at the age of 13 but it still feels so personal.


In 2007 I was in the seventh grade. I remember constantly wanting to be someone else. There wasn’t anyone in particular I wanted to be but I did have a rough idea of the kind of person I wished I was. I’m proud to announce that I’ve become someone I’m proud to be. On top of that I’m convinced that my 13 year old self would absolutely love and look up to the person I’ve become.

I’m so proud of how much I’ve grown as a person since middle school and to celebrate this I’ve written a list of things that I wanted when in 2007 that I’ve managed to obtain by the time I turned 20.

Got a Skelanimal (and then some) – now have badass batman one too


Got an Ugly Doll – kids who I thought were cool had these odd dolls

Developed a fun and awesome sense of style – clothes and makeup

Able to maintain and style my hair – struggle with curly hair

Share my artwork with an audience – through Loitering Lion

Make use of my creativity – speak my mind and spread knowledge, keep my creative juices flowing by working on little blog projects constantly

Have my own adorable room (and apartment!) – independent and making a life for myself


Being Happy (make last point) – love being me and believe I have so much potential. I can do anything, make the most of my life.

Not care about other’s opinions of me – used to be super self conscious, got over it and am much better off , in turn am much less shy

Watch The Dark Knight – wasn’t allowed, now own every possible type of copy! Favorite movie!

Saw Panic! At The Disco in concert – loved since 2006, favorite band, lived the dream!

movie and cd

Became comfortable with my weight and body – done dieting link, realized that women displayed on television isn’t the only type of woman, stopped wishing I looked like other people

Wear Skinny Jeans, MCR Sweater, and P!ATD Sweater – link to video post, style I liked back in the day, couldn’t wear because money issues at home plus parental issues, can wear band merch and skinnies now though mostly I wear leggings

Have tattoos – isn’t something I’ve always considered but I know my younger self would be impressed and love the designs I chose to get on my body (link to post)

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