Unpublished Content

I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately for the blog but I haven’t been posting any of it. My recent pieces have been much more personal than my usual posts which is fine, though they’ve all been coming out as big angsty messes.


Photo by waferboard via Flickr.

I suppose being an angsty baby from time to time is normal but I’m not sure if I want to document that side of me on the web. On top of not wanting to come off looking like a weirdy emo child, recently a couple of people from work have discovered my blog.

That is fine and dandy.

I do have a tendency to get a bit shy on my social media accounts, blog included, when I make new friends in the real world. It’s so soon for them to see my true colors! The colors that show that I’m a complete nub!

What’s the use? They already know I’m a damn mess anyhow!

I’m still going to say no to the angsty pieces (some things are best keep deep down inside, or at least in an old notebook), but I’m also going to have to power through the embarrassment and continue to post content every other day on the blog. I like to talk about clothes and draw pictures of Spider-Man! What of it?!

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