January 2015 Update

January was filled to the brim with progress for me! Let’s take a moment to do a quick recap.



As you can see from all of the colorful dots littering my January calendar I stayed pretty productive all month. I stayed on top of the blog through most of the month and I hung out with friends at least once a week. I’m still really liking the write-one-good-thing-down-a-day routine, though I hope I didn’t write anything incriminating or embarrassing!

I really liked that I spent time making friends in January as well as spent more time at work making money. It feels great to be able to pay the bills! I would like to spend more time making friends this month, as well as take more time to work on my not-so-secret project. It’s been weeks since I’ve touched the project, so now’s a good time to bring it out again and tear it apart.

One of my favorite memories from January was hanging out with a friend from high school, Jessica. It was so nice to see her and catch up! We ended up talking for seven hours straight, though time flew. I really felt like she and I were on the same page and it was super refreshing to talk to someone who understands and is currently in the same place in life. I left feeling a little less like a complete mess.

With that I’m hoping February will be full of friends, work, and fun! I have my goals all written out and I’m already working on shortening the list (starting with filing my damn taxes). In the meantime, here’s my design for February’s calendar:


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