10 Items I Still Love

Time passes and products come and go, but every now and then I’ll come across something that I end up enjoying for a long time. Here is a list of things that I still love:



Hello Kitty Speakers – I received these cute little speakers years ago (I honestly don’t remember how long ago. It has to been at least two years) and they’re perfect for my work desk. They make audio sound nice and when I’m not using them they stick together to form Hello Kitty’s head. They work well and they’re cute. What more could anyone possibly want?

iPad Mini – I could go on for days about how useful tablets are, iPads being the best on the market at the moment. The mini is the perfect size for me. I stream videos while working on my comics, keep up with my blog and social media on the go, and so much more. I can’t express how incredibly convenient these things are.

Cotton Candy Candle – I seem to have a little bit of a thing for cotton candy scents. It’s a hard scent to pull off. This candle’s scent is light, but just strong enough for you (and everyone down the hall) to tell that something smells amazing! I love it so much that it’s even been featured in a wishlist post in the past. It’s the cherry on top of my cozy, pastel themed room.



Maybelline Line Stiletto Eyeliner – Eyeliner is one thing I don’t play games with. I know what I like, which is this product, and I’ve been sticking to it for the past four years. It’s the only liquid eyeliner I’ve ever used and I’m in no rush to try anything else. It’s simple to use and only $5 at my local drugstore. Just be sure to check which color you’re getting. I’ve accidentally picked up Blackish Brown more times than I’d like to admit!

BB Cream – My skin has always been very clear so I could never justify using full-on foundation. Not only that, but I prefer a more natural skin look on me (I have to make the most of my freckles!). BB Cream is exactly what I need. It evens out my skin tone and reduces the little bit of redness that occurs from time to time.

Candy Baby Body Lotion – Victoria’s Secret’s Candy Baby lotion smells like a cotton candy cloud. I’ve never smelled a better lotion in my life. It’s pretty, it’s pink, it makes me smell like candy, and it makes my skin soft. It’s perfect!



My Tattoos – Last Spring I got a couple of tattoos, a Spider-Man heart and Bats, and I LOVE them. Sometimes I even forget that I have my tattoos and then I’ll see them and I fall in love with them all over again. Getting tattoos is fun and it’s a big way of expressing yourself.

Brown Boots – I’ve been running around for over a year in these boots and they’re still going on strong. They’re cute, comfortable, and they work for any type of weather. Breaking into them was a nightmare, but the secret to that is buying the right socks.

Black Ugg-Style Boots – I’ve had these boots since 2009 and they are still the comfiest shoes I own. They’re great for cold weather and the days I want to be as snug and comfortable as possible. From what I hear a lot of people don’t like these type of shoes, but I honestly couldn’t care less. I still love these boots after all of these years and from the looks of it they’re here to stay.

Ginnifer Goodwin Inspired Pixie Cut – I’ve been looking for the right hairstyle for me during a majority of my life and I finally found it when I watched Once Upon A Time a little over a year ago. Ginnifer Goodwin is adorable and stylish, and I had to try out her hairstyle. It turned out being the best color and cut I’ve had since I started dyeing my hair back in 2010. Anytime I consider getting a new cut or color I just google Goodwin and fall in love with the look all over again.

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