Sticking To Your Niche

In the blogging community there is one piece of advice I hear constantly: stick to your niche. Bloggers tell each other that if they want to attract a crowd they need to stick to what they know. Only post about beauty, or fashion, or crafts, or lifestyle, but for love of all that is holy don’t mix it up!


Photo by Jurien Minke via Flickr.

I understand how sticking to a niche could help keep your readers comfy but I don’t believe it’s the only way to go about blogging. Locking yourself into one niche is like allowing yourself to only have one interest. What if I want to talk about hair dye AND Batman? Panic! At The Disco’s latest album AND my awesome day at the beach? If my readers can’t handle the spontaneity maybe they should go read something a little bit more generic.

I pride myself on mixing things up on Loitering Lion and I wish there were more blogs out there that did the same. I follow over a hundred blogs on BlogLovin but I only read about 5 because they are the ones that keep things fresh by hitting a variety of topics. I’m tired of reading reviews about the newest concealer. It gets old.

People should post what they want. Of course, if you’re blogging for the numbers then I suppose you’d be better off sticking to the status quo. If you’re blogging to express yourself and have fun you should consider exploring more topics. Post about books, video games, movies, your latest adventure, anything at all! Share a personal story, give some advice, try using a new medium! The ways you can mix up your blog are endless. Be bold and try stepping away from your niche for a little bit. You might actually enjoy the results.

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