Watch Us Live And Stuff Break-Up

It’s startling how vicious people can be on the internet. A group of people could be telling you how much they love you and look up to you one minute but totally tear you to shreds at the drop of a hat.

Kalel and Anthony, two very popular vloggers on YouTube, dated for about four years and shared a YouTube channel Watch Us Live And Stuff. Over the year and a half they spent vlogging they attracted almost two million very passionate subscribers. The couple was engaged, planning their dream home, and seem excited about spending their future together. However, after a month of no posts on their channel and a Instagram deep clean from Kalel, the couple announced that they broke up with each other.

Kalel living her life.

Even before the couple announced their break up some of their fans went a little bananas online. I witnessed most of the drama on Instagram where WULAS fans were screaming and speculating in the comments section of Kalel’s posts about whether or not Kalel and Anthony where going their separate ways. On top of that they were demanding that Kalel take more time to post more videos. After the couple broke the news of their break up their fans lost their minds! People were crying, pointing fingers, calling names, and claiming to have lost all hope in love.

Could you imagine how that must have felt? Dealing with personal heartbreak while thousands of people cry and scream at you about how you’ve personally ruined their lives by not updated your social media accounts?

I enjoy WULAS quite a bit myself but I don’t base the entirety of my happiness around getting to see a new video. I can’t seem to wrap my mind around some of these fan’s reactions to this whole situation. I don’t understand how these people can base the course of their life around a vlogger. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kalel, but I’m not going to define love by whether or not her relationships work out. She’s human just like the rest of us.

I guess what I’m trying to say is people on the internet, as usual, need to take a chill pill. Base your life on your own experiences, not someone else’s (especially someone you don’t even know personally). Life is already a hot mess so why bother getting all bent out of shape about somebody else’s drama? Save your energy for living your own life.

As for Kalel, she’s still posting videos on her channel. I’m glad she is because I find her to be pretty inspirational. I’m sure she’s going through a difficult time in her life but it’s nice to see her continuing on and making the most of her time. The fact that she’s still working on her creative projects despite her personal struggle has inspired me to get working on Loitering Lion more. She took a break and she got back up. It’s about time I got my shit together, too.

*Recently Kalel has renamed her YouTube channel name from Watch Us Live And Stuff to Kalel Kitten

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