Wishlist #5


This wishlist speaks for itself. It’s superheroes. It’s cute. It’s animals. It’s dead. You can’t get anything better than this!

1. The Flash

2. Wonder Woman

3. Harley Quinn

4. Green Plaid

5. Red Cute As Hell SDCC Skelanimal

6. Dia De Los Muertos Skelanimal

7. Green Lantern

8. Superman

9. Robin

I’ve been working on my Skelanimal collection for quite some time now (with four total including SDCC Dark Knight Rises Batman and Bane Baby) and I’m DYING to add to it. The one I want the most from this list is the Harley Quinn one, though the Wonder Woman one comes in a close second. That is the cutest Wonder Woman I’ve ever seen! Which Skelanimal do you think is the cutest?


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