How To Survive A Crummy Day

Every now and then a day will pop up that is just UGH. There may not be a reason to it, either, your day just sticks. On the bright side tomorrow has the potential to be a hundred times better, but in the mean time you’ll have to make do with the day you have now. Good thing there are many ways to survive a crummy day!


Photo by Thomas 8047 via Flickr.

Doll yourself up – This solution may not be for everyone, but it certainly helps me get through a rough day. If my day isn’t going so well I’ll doll myself up. If I don’t feel good I can at least look my best. It gives me extra confidence to help pull me though the day.

Wear comfy clothes – You can’t go wrong with being comfortable. My go-to is leggings and sweaters (even in the summertime!). It’s like going about your day in pajamas. When you get home you don’t even need to change before climbing back into bed for a well deserved nap.

Listen to your favorite music – Music is the simplest way to perk yourself up. I can’t imagine a time when music wouldn’t help people get through some tough times.

Try to focus on the positives of your day – What do you have to look forward to later in the day? What about tomorrow? Can’t think of anything then make plans! Give yourself something to work towards.

Socialize with friends – Talk to or text people who typically brighten your day. A best friend, funny sibling, significant other…but avoid talking to people who you know cause you trouble.

Remember that you’re strong enough – You’ve gotten though worse days. You can survive today. It’ll be a piece of cake so power through your obstacles!

Go home and take a nap! – Plenty of sleep will help lower your stress levels and make tomorrow a much better day.

Reward yourself with a delicious snack – ice cream, pizza, cookies, what are you craving? Find out and enjoy because you made it though your crummy day!

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