December Calendar 2014 Recap + January

Look at the productivity! I’ve come such a long way since the beginning of November! My productivity feels like it’s hit an all-time high these days. Let’s take a look at December and see how my good habits have continued to flourish.

december 2014 cal

I made some adjustments the to color coded key from last months calendar. This month light green means I ate well, purple means I hung out with friends, plum means I ran errands, yellow means I posted on Loitering Lion, orange means I worked on Loitering Lion or one of my various artistic projects, light blue means I went to work, teal means I completed my nightly eye care routine, and dark blue means I did chores. I added more tasks to the December key because I wanted my productivity to be recorded in more detail. For example, last month I didn’t include what days I went to work so some days it looked like I didn’t do much when in reality I went to work (which is a whole ordeal within itself).

In December I also wrote down one good thing that happened to me every single day on the calendar. Not only does this help me stay positive but it also helps me remember a lot of small but good memories. It also helped me keep a good timeline in my head of when either things happened or going to happen. Can you even imagine? A calendar helping keep track of time? Who would’ve thought of that??

Since this productivity calendar routine seems to be working really well for me I’ve created one for January!


I’m extremely excited for January because I’ve been getting back into blogging and working on other fun projects. I’ve gotten into the habit of working on my creative projects on a daily basis and I want to keep the ball rolling. I’m also looking forward to continuing to eat well, keeping on top of my chores and errands, and maybe even getting more hours at work (one can only hope on that last one).

There are still some pretty big factors in my life that I want to work on and I’m hoping my calendars will help me stay on track and keep myself pulled together. I’m still in the middle of my first year without being in school, so any structure in my life is going to have to come from me. I hit a pretty hard rut in the middle of 2014 but I got myself out of it (with some help of family and friends) and I’ve been making the most of my time since. I’m excited about making the most of 2015 out in the world because I want to, not because I’m expected to.

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