What I Accomplished In 2014

2014 has been a huge year for me, with many highs and lows. Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed by what when wrong over the past year but I refuse to let that happen. I’m learned so much from my experiences from the past year, the good AND the bad. I’m hoping for a smoother year in 2015 but in the meantime I would like to reflect on some of the things I accomplished during the past year.


Got my own apartment

Made decisions that were best of me no matter what

Got a new job

Pulled myself out of a rut

Sorted out my finances

Made new friends!

Went on multiple road trips

Makeup routine has developed nicely

Found my favorite hair color and cut on me


Personal productivity is at an all-time high

Contacted an artist I admire for an interview and got a YES!

Ended the year with a holiday collaboration with Pixies Production Inc.

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