Vanity Table

It’s time for me to come clean and admit that it’s actually pretty hard to get stuff done at my desk when it’s cluttered with every beauty product I own. It’s such a bother to have to shift around bottles and bags full of makeup every single time I need to get to my scanner.


As it turns out I actually have two desks, one ugly one that holds all of my shit and one really cute one that I never use. The other day I was deep cleaning my ugly desk when it hit me. Why don’t I use my pretty desk as a vanity table?? I then collected all of my beauty items from my main desk and dumped them on my nice pretty one.

How does one end up with so many beauty products on their desk? I like to watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia while I get ready for my day. I don’t watch it so much as listen (because I’ve seen the show so many times I don’t need to see the screen anymore to keep up with what’s going on). My room is a much comfier place to get all dolled up anyway! I pour myself a nice cup of peppermint tea, light a cotton candy scented candle, turn on Sunny, and get to putting my face on. It’s so relaxing!


After a fair amount of organizing I managed to get my pretty desk to work as a cute little vanity table. My heart mirror sits at just the right height for me to use, the desk top pulls out, and it’s so much cuter than my main desk. All I need is to pop open my iPad and I’m ready to go! My pink chair that I spray painted myself is the cherry on top for this adorable vanity table.

I usually keep my beauty items next to my bathroom sink, but I never actually do my makeup out there. It quickly turns into a hassle running back and forth between the bathroom and my room trying to get everything I need. With my cute vanity table I have everything I need right in my cozy little room! When I’m done with my beauty products all I need to do is pull the top down over my table to instantly make my room look significantly more put together. My beauty products can be as cluttered as they want and no one has to know.

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