Peanuts Nail Polish by OPI

As I was wandering aimlessly around my local Marshalls I stumbled across the most intriguing product. A set of Peanuts brand mini nail polishes by OPI! How cute!

peanuts opi

I’m a bit of a complete sucker when it come to Peanuts products. I love to draw comics and I always have this urge to represent the old school comic strips when I can. So, Peanuts inspired nail polish colors? Count me in!

This set includes a yellow called “Good Grief!” which is the color of Charlie Brown’s shirt, a black shade called “WHO ARE YOU CALLING BOSSY?!?”, a orange, yellow and black sparkle polish called “Where’s My Blanket???” and a black and rainbow sparkle/confetti polish called “To Be Or Not To Beagle”.

I’m very excited to have this set for many reasons. Yellow is my favorite color but it’s hard for me to find a shade that doesn’t look strange next to my skin tone. Good Greif! doesn’t make my hands look sickly like most yellow polishes do. I have a black polish already but it only cost me ninty-seven cents. It’ll be nice to have a higher quality black nail polish in my corner. As for the other two sparkle polishes, I love sparkles and enjoy the unique, confetti-esqe look these add to my nails.

The Peanuts nail polish set by OPI was a great buy! I can’t wait to try out my many new nail polish combinations!

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