Custom Emojis

It’s been almost six months since the world was promised a new set of emojis and we still have yet to receive. It doesn’t look like there will be new emojis anytime soon, but while people are still talking about it I figured it would be a good time for me to pitch a few emoji ideas of my own. I often find myself texting people and needing an emoji only to remember that it doesn’t exist. YET. While we all make do with the hundreds of emojis we already have I present to you what the future of emojis should look like (at least in my opinion!).


From Left to Right: Mildly Embarrassed, Scarred For Life, Your Life Decisions, Crying Blood, Weirdy Embarrassed, and Vomit Emoji

My first suggestion is a more toned down embarrassed emoji. The only blushing emojis we have now are the happy blushes and the one over the top embarrassed blush. Let’s throw in the option to be embarrassed without looking like a COMPLETE weirdo.

Scarred For Life is an emoji I could use on a pretty regular basis. I could also be used as a “I Didn’t Get A Second Of Sleep Last Night And Might Die” look.

Want to question someone’s decisions without using your words? I DO. Your Life Decisions could be an incredible useful emoji to add to the toolbelt.

Crying Blood because sometimes regular tears just isn’t enough.

If I’m embarrassed there’s a 90% chance I’m making the Weirdy Embarrassed face.

And last but certainly not least, we have the vomit emoji! It’s an obvious must!

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