Wishlist #4

wishlist 4

1. Batman Fair Isle Knee High Socks – I’m very picky when it comes to patterns but this one is absolutely adorable! Batman socks with a Christmas sweater feel is genius. If only I could get this in a sweater, too!

2. Batman Cosmetic Bag – I know I have more than enough cosmetic bags but Batman makes everything better. It’d be a great addition to my collection.

3. Batman Lemon Lip Balm – I’m officially obsessed with Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms but I can take a tiny break from it for a Batman version of it. Plus, it would be really interesting to see how lemon-y this lip balm is.

4. Batman Travel Mug Set – With winter being in full swing (with highs of 70 degrees Fahrenheit) I’ve been really into drinking tea lately. Peppermint tea has been on the top of my list and what better way to enable my tea addiction by investing in a new mug?

5. Harley Quinn Slipper Boots – Harley Quinn has the most adorable colors and designs! Snuggly villain boots for around the apartment? I think so!

6. Batman Varsity Jacket – I have a deep love for varsity jackets (the style, not actual earned varsity jackets. I have no school spirit) and there wouldn’t be a better edition to my jacket collection than this Batman jacket.

7. Batman Hot Pants – Superhero undies are an obvious must!

8. Harley Quinn Sweater – This sweater with those slipper boots and a pair of black leggings. Need I say more?

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