Hair Color Disaster!

It’s been right around seven months since the last time I changed my hair color. Black is a great hair color because it matches everything, it’s the easiest color to maintain, and it can make you look edgy and sophisticated at the same time.

Yesterday I was feeling antsy decided to dye my hair back to pink. I was skeptical in the first place but I followed through because I wanted to take a risk and see how things went.

Long story short: it ended horribly.

I bleached once over layers and layers of black hair dye. Not a good move. With the pink thrown on top of it my hair ended up looking brown. Anything that wasn’t brown turned out splotchy as hell. It was a weird combination but not in a good way. The only good thing was that my hair turned out softer than before due to all of the conditioning.

Needless to say, today I am dyeing my hair back to black. It’s a solid color choice that has yet to fail me. I’m glad I took a risk but in the end I learned I’m over dyeing my hair different colors for now. It’s a lot of effort and maintenance that I don’t feel like dealing with at this point in my life. Let’s keep it simple. I also realize I need to touch up my roots when I get a haircut instead of redyeing my whole head of hair and I need to deep condition more often. It makes a huge difference! Perhaps it’s just time for me to completely reassess my hair routine.

Goodbye pink hair! It was fun while it lasted but I’m afraid it’s time for me to move on.

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