November Calendar Recap

During November I was keeping track of my productivity with a homemade calendar I put together. I’m excited to see that after a month of jotting down dots I can actually see myself becoming a more productive person.


Each different colored dot represents a different type of task I would like to incorporate in my life. Green means I ate well that day, yellow means I posted on my website, orange is for when I work on something related to my website, purple is hanging out with friends or family, and plum is when I ran errands.

My productivity started off slow at the beginning of the month but it increased week by week. By the last week of November I was on a roll! I earned 3-4 dots all week! That’s a huge improvement to my 1-2 at the beginning to the month.

I’m looking forward to making the most of this new month with my December calendar. It’s encouraging to see how much progress I’ve made in just a month and I’m looking forward to seeing how much I accomplish in December.

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