December 2014 Calendar

With less than a week left of November I figured it was time to put together a calendar page for December.

december 2014 cal

I did a pretty good job with keeping my calendar updated in November. I added color coded dots to each day to mark my accomplishments of the day. Did I work on my website? Did I hang out with friends? It’s been a great way for me to see what I’m doing right and where I need to improve.

In December I’m going to continue to color in my calendar but I’m also going to add a new element. Each day I have to jot down one good thing that happened. I think it’s really important to remember all of the good that has occurred especially when life gets stressful (as it often does). Even after the month is over I can look over my calender and be reminded of 31 great moments from my last month of 2014. Even the most mundane moments can bring a lot of happiness and even on the worst of days SOMETHING good has to happen. Anything at all!

We’ll see if I can keep up with it! I’m also aiming to getting a lot of work done on Loitering Lion next month. I know I’ve been saying that for about 3 months now but since I started using a physical calendar it was much easier for me to see when I was falling being on posting (which was quite a bit!). At least this time around I was aware of it! Here’s to getting Loitering Lion back on track in time for the new year!

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