Spider-Man Movie Collection

The day has finally come! I own all of the Spider-Man movies!

spiderman dvd

As you may know by now I’m a bit of a nut for superheroes, Spider-Man and Batman being my top two. Over the past year and a half on Loitering Lion I’ve expressed my love for Spider-Man in many ways, from freaking out about seeing the latest installment of the film series in IMAX to getting a heart-shaped Spider-Man tattooed to my wrist. After all of the hoopla it’s only appropriate that I own all of the films (as well as every piece of Spider-Man merch known to the human race). I owe my sister, Mimi, a huge THANK YOU since she is the one who gave me all of these!

One of the things I love about the Spider-Man movies, whether it’s Maguire or Garfield, is that they are so cheesy! Even in the 2014 take on the origin story Peter Parker and everyone else involved in these silly superhero/super-villain games can’t help but come off as complete doofuses. Oh my god a giant lizard man is trying to eat my face! Oh my god the giant lizard man is trying to turn everyone else in New York into a lizard person! Ahh! And don’t get me started on the first three films. The Green Goblin’s mask alone kills me.

I have to say, my favorite Spider-Man movie out of this bunch is The Amazing Spider-Man 2. A close second is the first film starring Tobey Maguire. If you haven’t seen it recently I highly recommend you rewatch it. It’s a hoot! I don’t think any of these films should be taken seriously which is why it’s so fun to watch them. Superhero movies these days seem to be taking a darker turn since The Dark Knight destroyed the scene. Thor isn’t supposed to be sad, okay!? It’s refreshing to see a superhero movie that is silly as shit in 2014. It’s too bad we have to wait until 2018 for the next Spider-Man movie to hit the theaters.


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