Saw Halloween 2014

After a month drenched in orange, purple, green, and black I finally made it back to Halloween weekend. Last year I dressed up like a zombie and decided to have a life so I decided to keep up the tradition. This year was a blast! It all started on Thursday, October 30th.

Thursday, October 30

Halloween OreosThe day before Halloween ended up being dedicated to finishing up my preparations for the big day. My roommate, Teri, and I went to the outlet malls in our town to A) finish putting together her costume and B) treat my self to some shopping after a month of hard work getting my finances sorted out. I bought a few really awesome things, but I think the only Halloween thing I bought were the orange Halloween Oreos. My personal favorite! Shopping was a ton of fun and when we got back to our apartment I immediately had to start packing for my trip to Austin. This year I wanted to spend Halloween with my sister, Mimi, and was catching a ride with a good friend of mine. Nahomy and her boyfriend picked me up around 8PM and we got to catch up a bit over dinner. It was really nice to see her again and to finally meet her boyfriend of eleven months. I made it home around 10PM and got to cuddle with my cats. I freaking love cats!

Friday, October 31, HALLOWEEN!

I spent most of the day hanging out with my sister which is always a great time! We watched Friday the 13th (the second one starring that guy from Supernatural), which turned out to be more funny than scary. Actually it wasn’t scary at all, just silly! Next time I go camping I’ll be sure not to act like an obnoxious teen and maybe Jason will leave me be.

Around 5PM my really good friend Jenny came over to hang out. We gossiped while we waited to start our Halloween plans. To see Saw in the movie theater with Mimi! AHH! It’s the 10 year anniversary and the film was brought back to theaters. What better way to spend Halloween than to watch creepy gory Saw? Well, as it turns out, the first Saw movie isn’t actually all that gory but it was absolutely hilarious! I laughed way more than I cringed. Good stuff!

Photos by Mimi Rife via Instagram

As far as costumes were concerned, Jenny and I didn’t dress up. I wore my Spooky! Hello Kitty shirt and dramatic eyeliner, though. That has to count for something! Mimi, on the other hand, dressed like Freddie Kruger. I couldn’t get over how good she looked! I need to put together a cute costume for next year. Got any ideas?

Saturday, November 1

Yes, Halloween is over but that doesn’t mean we were done celebrating! Jenny stayed the night so we stayed up watching Cupcake Wars and talking. Later that morning we watched Say Yes To The Dress and discussed how odd the couples were on the show. Maybe I’m single for a reason. HAHA! After Jenny left and Mimi went to work I’m pretty sure I slept through most of the day. That night when Mimi got back from work we stayed up late watching Catching Fire and eating sugar foods. Did I mention that my cats were there? My black cat curled up right in my face. It’s a good thing she’s only about 9 pounds.

Sunday, November 2

It’s that time again. The time to go back to my apartment, get back to work, and live my usual life. Boo! Before I left, though, Mimi and I went to the outlet malls and picked up a few pieces of clothing. It was a great time! I resisted buying anything, but she got me a super cute reversible Marvel sweater. Just in time for all of these cold fronts! We also watched the first half of Saw 2. I need to know what happens next! If I could survive the Paranormal Activity movies I can survive Saw.

Celebrating Halloween in Austin was a great choice! I had a great time with wonderful friends. It bums me out that I can’t hang out with them as much because I live 30 minutes away and everyone is busy living their lives. Halloween has inspired me to do more to keep in touch with everyone and to reach out to more friends in my current town while I’m here. Let’s get out of the house and be social in November!

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