Homemade Calendar

As October comes close to an end I’ve been thinking of new ways to keep myself on track. I have many goals, some easier to achieve than others, but it’s hard to reach any of them if I don’t have a game plan. In order to become a more accomplished person I decided the best way to keep track of my productivity is the good old fashion way: a hard copy calendar.


I didn’t want to spend my money on a full calendar when the year is almost over (if you can even believe it) so I chose to put one together myself. I could’ve simply printed a copy out but it would’ve been too plain and more importantly I don’t have any ink in my printer at the moment so printing isn’t an actual option at the moment.

Not having printer ink turned out of the best, though! I love the way this November sheet turned out! I used Sharpie markers, craft paper, printer paper, and tape. I didn’t even use a ruler! I know already that I’m going to be so bummed when the month is up and I have to take this guy down from my wall. If it helps me stay on track, however, I just might have to put one together for December.

The idea with this calendar is to start off with a very bleak set up. I plan of assigning tasks that I want to complete different colors. Each day I complete a task I will draw a dot on the day in the assigned color. My hope is that I will be able to see throughout the month productive I’ve been by seeing all of the colors on my calendar. The more colorful my calendar turns out to be the more I’ve accomplished.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember the things you’ve achieved when you’re faced with struggle and failure. I’ve learned this over the past couple of months. That’s why I think it’s important for me to focus more on the things I’ve done right instead of the things I messed up. I want to focus on the things I did do opposed to all of the things I didn’t do. I’m hoping that this will also give me motivation to get things done and stay of top of my tasks. This calendar is a way for me to hold myself accountable for how I’m spending my time. I’m ready for a full, productive month! We’ll see how well I’ll be able to stick to my routine at the end on November. Three cheers for getting stuff done!


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