5 Ways To Soften Your Hair

soften hair

Use dry shampoo instead of washing hair every day – Natural oils from your head can help soften your hair. You can use these oils to your advantage while avoiding stinky greasy hair by using dry shampoo (link to article). Not only will it make styling your hair every day easier by not having to start from scratch but it also comes in a bunch of great scents as well so you can have fun with it!

A little bit of Vaseline will go a long way – This is an interesting trick, but it doesn’t work for everyone. It really depends on what hair texture and color you have. I have thick hair that I dye black so adding Vaseline to my hair from time to time works for me. Vaseline makes your hair look shiny but since mine is black it looks intentional. With other colors it gets dicey because it could end up just looking greasy. Vaseline is a great way, however, to quickly give your hair a boost.

Utilize leave-in conditioners and hair masks – My hair is naturally dry and brittle, so even when I’m not constantly bleaching and/or dyeing my hair I still keep plenty on hand. A thorough deep condition never hurts!

Find a conditioner that works for your hair type – With the deep conditioner I like to use a quick day-to-day conditioner that only takes a few minutes to work rather than a full hour/over night. Grabbing one that is made for your hair texture (in my case curls or dry hair) really makes a difference. Ingredients that often help with softening hair include but are not limited to shea butter and argan oil. On the other side, try to avoid products that have alcohol in them, such as hair sprays, because that will continue to dry out your hair.

Minimize use of heat styling tools – Another great way to soften hair is to reduce the amount of heat styling tools you use, such as hair straighteners and blow dryers. Once I went two weeks without using a hot iron on my hair and it made a huge difference! My hair hadn’t been that soft and shiny in ages. Even if you just take a few days off each week it could still make all of the difference.

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