7 Perks of Journaling

I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember. Before I was publishing articles on the web I got my start as a writer by writing in journals. If I remember correctly my first journal (let’s be real, it’s a diary) was from when I was in the first grade. My question now is what on earth could I have been writing about at that age? Plenty of things, I’m sure. I’ve always been a very observant person. I wish I still had that book in order to see the world through the eyes of myself fourteen years ago. Journaling has done me a lot of good over the years and now I’m here to share a few of them with you!

girl writing in journal

Image by Erin Kohlenberg via Flickr.

1. Relieve emotions and finding the root of your problems – There is one place in the world where you can say whatever you want without judgment, backlash, or even the pressure to make an ounce of sense. In your journal you can get all of those emotions out first and work out the logical, real life response to your problems second. What a luxury!

2. Helps you make better decisions by working through the pros and cons – Usually when I make decisions I simply go with my gut, but the bigger the decision the harder it becomes to just roll with it. Sometimes I get torn between to options and when I do I weigh the pros and cons by writing it all out. Sure, I end up running in mental circles from time to time but I find an answer eventually.

3. Works on writing skills, grammar, vocabulary, and more – I’ve been told time and time again that I have a natural knack for writing and I honestly owe a lot of it to the journaling I’ve done over the years. You know what they say practice makes perfect! Or at least improvements.

4. Provides a record of different segments of your life – The easiest way I remember segments of my life these days is with Loitering Lion, but a more precise way I can piece together the past is direct record of the events from my journal. I’m probably not the most consistent when it comes to writing entries but there are some juicy details in the entries I do add. It’s nice to look back on the nitty gritty from time to time.

5. You can learn from your past self – With the record of events that you can review you can also reflect on you past encounters and learn from them. You can learn where you went wrong, or right, in the past and use that knowledge to make your life easier in the now.

6. Allows you to see who matters the most to you – During different periods in my life I’ll notice how often I mention certain people in my journal. Whether it’s love, hate, or something in between the more you mention a person the more they mean to you. Sometimes a person in my life might irritate me, but if I don’t bother to jot it down I assume it’s not actually that big of a deal and just let it go. It saves me a lot of energy not trying to sort every last issue out. Just let is pass.

7. Great for reflecting on life and learning from mistakes – Taking a moment to write out and analyze your thoughts and your choices can help create a stronger understanding of yourself. Once you at least begin to try to understand how you function as an individual it’ll become less of a struggle for you to face the problems in your life. Reflecting on yourself, the people around you, your choices, and the state of your life can help you set goals and make cuts in order to better you life in the long run.

2 thoughts on “7 Perks of Journaling

    • Thank you! I don’t think a parent of mine has ever read my diaries but I know BOTH of my sisters have at LEAST once. Come on, y’all. I noticed when it disappeared and magically reappeared a week later.


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