Unsolicited Advice

Whether it’s unkind comments on a blog, hateful anonymous messages on Tumblr., or even simply hitting the dislike button on a YouTube video, there are so many ways people to spread negativity on the internet. A few months ago I got a couple of somewhat negative comments here on Loitering Lion. To commemorate this momentous occasion I would like to discuss why it’s completely unnecessary to target total strangers with your words on the internet. Or ever.


Image by hellojenuine via Flickr.

Now I realize that perhaps some of you think you’re doing others a service by giving them your remark but before you hit the POST/SUMBIT/SEND button take a moment to think it through. Will this person really gain anything by hearing your opinion? If you’re saying something kind then the answer is yes because you could brighten their day and make them feel better about themselves. If your comment is unkind in even the slightest degree then you should keep your mouth shut.

The comments I received here on Loitering Lion were comments about how this random person I don’t know thinks I’m a good person BUT I’m dumb for getting tattoos AND I should focus more on non-materialistic things and post about self love and all of that jazz. I don’t think this person has READ Loitering Lion before. Do you know what’s wonderful about being a human being? I can have opinions and post on my website about MORE THAN ONE TOPIC. I know! It’s wild! I can (and often do) post about self esteem AND having pretty hair. I can post about helping others AND what I wore today. As a human being I have the ability to have more than one interest! Crazy thought!

I appreciate the comments I get on my website, but there’s really no reason for anyone to try to tell me that I’m living my life wrong. If you don’t like what I’m posting you’re more than welcome to start your own website and post about the things you would like to see more of on the web. Take the time to create something you like rather than going around trying to “help” others.

Do you not like that video on YouTube? Exit the page! Why bother hitting the dislike button? It’s so unnecessary. Are you deeply offended by what someone posted on Facebook? Unfriend them instead of getting in a pissing match in the comments section. See a disturbing post? Report it, don’t spread it to the people around you. Feel the urge to write a rude remark anonymously on Tumblr? Stop being a dick and grow up.

I will never understand why it is so hard for people not to assholes to one another, especially on the internet. It doesn’t matter if there is a screen dividing us we are all still human beings. How you behave when you think no one is looking is the true indicator of what your true colors are. Being rude, judgmental, and hateful isn’t helping anyone. Have a little respect and keep your unkind thoughts to yourself.

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