9 Ways You Can Make The Most Of Your iPad

I have always loved my iPad mini, at least for the last year that I’ve had it. I didn’t get much use of it while I lived in a dorm (because the university purposefully removed Wi-Fi from the premises), but now I’m living comfortably in my own apartment and I use my iPad all day, everyday. Technology can be fun, but it’s also a useful tool. Here’s how to get the make the most out of both.


Image by Martin Voltri via Flickr.

Netflix – Netflix on a wireless little screen? Count me in! It’s so nice for late night viewing because you can fall asleep with your tablet in bed with little to no worries about accidentally kicking it to the ground. You can roll around, get up and grab a snack, go pee…all without hitting the pause button! Not to mention that the quality of the screen of my iPad is 100 times better than the screen of my laptop. Crystal clear images with vibrant colors…Apple wasn’t kidding about their nice new screens!

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, BlogLovin…my tablet is the main device I use to keep up with my social media accounts. Earlier this year I deleted a lot of my social media apps from my phone in order to prevent them from eating up all of my time. Using these apps on a tablet is a nice medium. It’s still portable, but it gives you more time to consider if the potential posts are worth dragging it out, finding a Wi-Fi signal, blah blah blah. Stay involved with social media (which, as a blogger, is crucial) without letting in control your life.

Microsoft Word Online with Bluetooth Keyboard – A blogger’s dream! I can draft and edit posts on the go! There is no Word app you can use on Apple products yet but you know what you can use? The internet and OneDrive, Mircosoft’s (free) cloud service. You can draft articles anywhere and pull it up on any other device with internet. Throw in a Bluetooth keyboard and you’re good to go!

Podcasts – I JUST learned about the wonders of podcasts. So far I’ve only been listening to Shane Dawson’s podcast, Shane and Friends, but I’m excited about exploring more. I love my music but sometimes I need a break, and what better way to do that than with podcasts? There’s something oddly soothing about listening to other people’s voices. It’s a great way to unwind before you go to sleep.

Kindle App & eBooks – Again, another feature I JUST jumped on board about. eBooks are cheaper AND having a library of books to choose from is such a luxury. It’s super portable and there’s some really amazing features, like highlighter, annotations and, best of all, a DICTIONARY! If you just hold your finger on a word you don’t know the app will define it for you. I’ve always been so lazy about defining words I don’t know as I read, but Kindle makes is SO easy. I just finished reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which was FREE on the Amazon Kindle store. In fact, a lot of classic novels are free on the Kindle store, including Dracula, Frankenstein, various Jane Austen novels, The Wizard of Oz, Jane Eyre, and so much more! I’m looking forward to being more literate these days!

Photo Editing with Aviary – My current favorite photo editor app, Aviary, is in constant use when I’m preparing posts for the blog. You can crop, adjust, tag, add filters, and more anywhere and everywhere. I actually use this app more on my iPhone because it’s easier to take photos on that device, but it’s an option on my iPad as well. Tablets really are a blogger’s best friend!

WordPress App – That’s right! You can post and maintain your website from the comfort of your tablet as well! I still prefer to do most of my work with Wordpress on my laptop, but if I’m on the run and I need to get a post up quickly I can. Staying on top of your blog has never been easier!

Organizational Bits – Calendar, Reminders Lists, Notes… a great way to get your life together and keep it that way.

Music – Between my iTunes music and Spotify I’m good to go. I typically use my tablet to listen to music whenever I’m listening to music through speakers (w/o headphones). I also prefer the Spotify app on iPad opposed to on iPhone because it works just like it does on the computer instead of a mobile device. You can pick and choose what songs that play and you don’t have to deal with the music recommendation crap. Plus, who doesn’t love giant album artwork?

There are a million more ways you can utilize your tablet, but this is just a list of my favorite uses. As a blogger my tablet makes my life SO much easier. It doesn’t matter what you do with your life, stay on top of things and stay productive by making the most of your technology. Hey, it’s not cheap so you might as well make the most of it, right?

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