Leave Me Alone

I cannot believe this has happened to me MORE THAN ONCE much less AT ALL over the past year of my employment.

I currently work at a computer lab, and I spend most of my time behind a desk. I like this set up. I can have tweet attacks, work on my website, catch up on my blog reading, read a good book. Unfortunately, I’m in a very public place where people can find me. Including guys who are interested in going out with me.


Image by pillowhead designs via Flickr.

I am a very picky person when it comes to selecting dates. For the most part I’m not attracted to people. You’d have to really stand out to me in order to capture my attention on that level and that’s OK! The problem is when guys don’t get the picture and keep trying to ask me out. Especially when these guys try to corner me into a conversation WHILE I’M AT WORK.

Let me tell you a little secret: Pestering a girl until she goes out with you doesn’t work in real life. Maybe it worked for Spider-Man and Leonard on The Big Bang Theory. But that’s MADE UP. IT’S NOT HOW THE REAL WORLD WORKS. I’m one of those people where if I’m interested in you I’d PROBABLY SEND YOU A MEMO. I have a history of telling people exactly how I feel about them. It’s not a new concept!

I should not have to feel like dodging and hiding from people, much less AT WORK. It’s unprofessional and flat out RUDE of guys to ask me out and try to flirt with me at work, especially when I’ve TURNED THEM DOWN IN THE PAST. TIME DOES NOT CHANGE MY OPINION. I STILL DO NOT LIKE YOU.

It’s especially frustrating when I agree to hang out with a guy thinking I’m making a new friend and these morons try to turn it into a date. If you want to go out with a girl, ASK HER. “Hanging out” and “going on a date” are two totally different things and let me tell you it is not impressive when a guy tries to force me into a surprise date. It’s irritating and a waste of time. AND IT’S RUDE.

Respect people when they say NO. Rejection really is not that big of a deal. Get over it and move on. Seriously. Leave me alone.

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