Procrastination…Don’t Do It

A few weeks ago I had my life together. I had a solid sleeping schedule, a to-do list that was constantly being shortened (and simultaneously growing), and the constant feeling of being extremely productive. I can’t say the same for myself today. I took a week off from my responsibilities and I sit here regretting it deeply. I had such great habits going for me and now I must rebuild them. What a drag!

144251306_03d289b8eb_bImage by Ashley Fisher via Flickr.

If you’re trying to achieve a goal in your life it’s best that you never put it down. If you look away from it for even a moment you could just as well lose your momentum. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break, but you always need to stay in motion. Get back on the horse as soon as you planned, if not sooner.

Impromptu vacation weeks, I’m learning, are no good for a aspiring artist/writer/whatever-I’m-going-to-be like myself. I have to keep my eye on the prize. I have to keep posting on Loitering Lion, keep working on projects for others, keep building up on that portfolio. It takes a lot of time but at the end of the day I always feel better about myself and my life because of it. I love to get things done! I love having something to show for all of my passing time.

Life is too short for procrastination. Sure, it worked out in school, but it the real world when you wait around the only person you’ll end up hurting is yourself. Every day I don’t work on that project is another day I’m keeping myself from my dream job. We have to keep on pushing for our dreams. We’re bound to reach them one day. The bottom line is if you wait to try tomorrow you’re never going to arrive.

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