Done Dieting

As of last week I have officially given up on trying to loose weight. For some of you it may seem odd that I would want to lose any in the first place since I’m not particularly out of shape, but everyone has a little chub they’d rather not have.

diet soft drinks

Image by Roadsidepictures via Flickr.

The entirety of 2014 so far I’ve be really wrapped up in attempts to lose weight. I’d tell myself I would do different things in order to be healthier but deep down I knew the only reason why I was doing it was to I could be thinner. I’m personally not comfortable with letting myself live with that mentality because it’s not a healthy way to live life. Not physically or mentally.

I’ve spoken with others about the weight issue that so many people seem to be batting with themselves and I learned a few things. First of all, hardly anyone actually notices anyone else’s weight. Think about it! How many of your friends care about or notice any of your extra chub? If your answer is more than zero you need to make some cuts in your crew. Honestly if there is someone in your life who cares about how much fat you have on my body then they don’t belong around you anyway.

I also have noticed that there is no way to please other people. If you’re not skinny you need to work out, if you are you’re anorexic and you need to eat more. There is NO WAY to win! So why try? I’m not one to get wrapped up in what other people think of me, so why do I let this bring me down?

“The only person who was putting pressure on me to be skinny was myself.”

I’m done. I’m done trying to slim down, I’m done with the MyFitnessPal, I’m done with the frequent use of my scale. I’m healthy, I get a lot of exercise on a regular basis, I’m FINE. I shouldn’t be concerned.

Overall, I’m mostly just sick and tired of not feeling content with my life. I love everything about it at this point except for that little bit of chub. Well, no more of that! I’m going to accept it and love my life fully. I’m done with struggling with eating, I done feeling guilty, and I’m done dieting.

It’s been almost a week since I’ve tried accepting my body as it is and it seems to be doing me good. I have more confidence in more of my clothes and I’m less stressed (even less than I already wasn’t). I still have more work to do on the matter but it feels great to be completely content with I look in the mirror for a change. It really is all about your attitude!

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