Blogging Tools

Over the past year of blogging my methods of running Loitering Lion has changed quite a bit. There is a lot of  trial and error involved. There are certain tools, however, that have consistently proven to be extremely useful to the blogging process.

iPad mini (and a Bluetooth keyboard) – You can draft, edit, and post articles from anywhere you go. My iPad has made my life so much easier, especially as a blogger.  I can jot down ideas and notes, keep track of all of my images, film in HD…the list goes on!

Tripod – I film with my iPad mini and guess what? There are tripods for them, too! I found an inexpensive model on Amazon last December. It was by far one of the greatest purchases I’ve made. The quality of my videos when up drastically. No more impromptu stands! It’s much easier to work with lighting and angles when your camera is stable and easy to adjust.

Aviary Photo Editor App – I have this app on my phone and iPad. I usually use it on my phone because it’s easier to snap a photo and edit it on a smaller device. There are so many things you can adjust with Aviary including brightness, contrast, saturation, and more! It’s a great way to enhance you photos for your blog and the app is completely free!

Microsoft OneDrive – OneDrive is Word but online. All of your documents are saved to a cloud so it’s super easy to pull your work up on different devices. It’s super convenient and a proven lifesaver (and free, even if you haven’t bought Word for your computer).

WordPress App – I don’t use this app much (I prefer to use the full online version), but if I’m in a position where I can’t get to a desktop anytime soon (or if I’m too lazy to get up) I can put together and publish posts from my mobile devices.

Twitter – Using Twitter is a great way to keep up with other bloggers and make new friends. I’ve met so many amazingly bright people through Twitter. Plus the various blogger chats hosted weekly make it simple to meet other bloggers from all over the world.

Notebook – It’s so easy to end up with a jumble of notes all over scratch sheets of paper, but if you keep everything in one (or five) notebook it’s easier to develop posts and remember what you were working on later.

Pretty writing utensils – Notes are so much more fun to sort through when they are written in vibrant colors! My notebooks end up looking like pieces of art rather than pieces of shit when I’m done with them.

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