12 Wonderful Perks of Having Short Hair

A lot of girls tend to trip up over the idea of cutting all of their locks off, but who knows? It could turn out to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made! I personally love having short hair. Let me tell you about the wonderful perks that come with it!



1) It takes no time to maintain or style

All I ever have to do is rearrange my bangs a little and throw in a smidge of hair product. Ultimate time-saver!

2) Hair products last FOREVER

Whether it’s a spritz of hairspray or a pinch of styling paste your products will last for a long time. You can buy salon quality products and brands and not feel guilty about it because that $30 bottle of conditioner will last for YEARS.

3) Dyeing hair isn’t an issue

If the color of your hair is off after a dye job you can just chop it off and try again. You can also do a lot of different colors because A) less hair, less time B) less hair, more product and C) frequent hair cuts, fresh slates.


4) Having less hair leaves your face open

You can do more with your makeup because there is less focus on your hair. It makes using makeup fun because you can get more creative with it without being too over-the-top.

5) More time with makeup

Styling short hair takes seconds and is a total breeze. I have so much more time in the mornings to apply and experiment with my makeup which is always a blast!

6) Less worries about the weather fucking up your hairstyle

Even humidity can only do so much damage to a short hairstyle. The weather can’t mess up your hair if you don’t have much to mess with! Even if your hair does get a bit wavy it end up looking like you wanted it that way.


7) Short hair is absolutely adorable

If you disagree you need to look at some pictures of Ginny Goodwin and reassess.

8) You can try all sorts of cool cuts and styles

With my length of hair I tend to get my hair cut anywhere between 2-4 months. The frequent cuts allows me to try new styles often, and it’s nice to have a fresh new look throughout the year.

9) You can feel the wind

I live in a hot region of the world where hair is simply too much in this heat. Even when my pixie cut grows out just an inch and a half I can feel the heat. After a fresh cut I can feel the wind on my face, neck, ears…it’s perfect in the summertime (and if it gets cold in the winter pop on a hat!)


10) There’s little to no way to look like a Plain Jane

There are so many fun ways to go about getting a pixie cut. Even if you go for a simpler version you still will stand out. It’s considered edgy because you have the guts to cut your hair so short. With a pixie cut you’ll never have to look boring again!

11) No more tangles

I genuinely forgot tangles were even a thing until I roomed with a girl with incredibly long hair. I’m not one who has the time or energy for that. Are you?

12) Hair emergencies are easily dealt with

Pixie cuts can be restyled in a matter of seconds. The longest it has ever taken me to style my hair is five minutes and that’s because I had to go through my hair with a hair straightener. Pop in a little hair product, re-ruffle those locks and you’re good to go!

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