Review: Dexter

Let’s me begin by saying that Dexter is my favorite drama series OF ALL TIME. Eight seasons (all currently on Netflix) of an insanely fun time! Dexter is a Showtime show about a blood spatter analyst in Miami who murders people in his free time. Here’s the twist: he only murders murderers. The show follows Dexter through his hunts and his life as he struggles to understand his humanity as he grows relationships and goes toe to toe with other serial killers.



This show is such a fun time! What a wild ride! Dexter is creepy, sexy, smart, and has an amazing golden glow due to the Florida sunshine. Not only do you get to see Dexter kill people you hate, but you get in enjoy his six pack as well! He is SO fine!

I have never been so emotionally invested into a show as I was with Dexter. I spent so much time with these characters that it was hard for me to say goodbye when the time came. Honestly, I cried through the last four episodes of the series. I kept thinking of all of the current and former characters and how much time had passed.

I LOVE Dexter himself, too. He’s so funny! He talks in a monotone voice and makes a bunch of GREAT facial expressions! In fact, my sister, Mimi, and I got into the habit of sending each other screenshots of Dexter whenever he made a odd/hilarious/funky-butt faces. He’s perfect. Or as perfect as a psychopathic manic can be.

Regardless, Dexter was sexy and creepy and a hot ass mess. He made some pretty shitty life choices, like befriending fellow psychopaths over and over again (it never works out, Dex, so quit trying. Two crazies do not make one stable relationship), but he still pressed on. The low point for the show was any moment in which Dexter tries to fight off his Dark Passenger. Just accept that you’re a born killer, Dexter! You’re changing the world for the better in your own messed up little way. Just roll with it!

I had a lot of great times with Dexter. Such a fun time! I’m going to miss the thrills, the chills, and the giggles. The season final was…a bit weak for the show, but I accept it nonetheless. No spoilers, but it reminded me of a mix between the ending of The Dark Knight Rises and the beginning of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. You know what I’m talking about. All in all, Dexter is amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Strap in and prepare for an insane ride!

4 thoughts on “Review: Dexter

  1. Ah, short and sweet reviews are by far the best! I’ve been eyeballing this series for a while on netflix but after reading that I miiiight just start it up tonight now 🙂


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