Marina & More Playlist

Another day, another mix CD!

marina and more case

I made this mix CD for my sister, Mimi, as a graduation gift. I’m so proud of her! The artwork design was inspired by her favorite colors, pink and purple. I found the image of Marina & The Diamonds online and added the “& MORE!” with black sharpie. The rest was assembled with craft paper, tape, scissors, and a lot of educated guesses. The mix itself is packed full of mash up tracks and rare Marina & The Diamonds songs. I threw in the Cash Cash remix of Katy Perry’s “Birthday” just for fun!

Mash Ups are too much fun and you can’t really go wrong with Marina & The Diamonds! My favorite tracks on this mix are “E.T. vs Figure 8”, “Catch My Figure 8”, “E.V.O.L”, “Miss Y”, and “SU-BARBIE-A”. Take a listen and let my know which ones are your favorite!:

1) The Archetypes – Marina & The Diamonds

2) Buy The Stars – Marina & The Diamonds

3) Boyfriend (Justin Bieber Cover) – Marina & The Diamonds

4) Starstrukk (3OH!3 Cover) – Marina & The Diamonds

5) Die Young vs. Teen Idle – Ke$ha vs. Marina & The Diamonds

6) E.T. vs. Figure 8 – Katy Perry vs. Ellie Goulding

7) Lonely Hearts Club – Marina & The Diamonds

8) Living Dead – Marina & The Diamonds

9) The Sharpest Bitch – My Chemical Romance vs. Marina & The Diamonds

10) E.V.O.L – Marina & The Diamonds

11) Radioactive vs. Radioactive – Marina & The Diamonds vs. Imagine Dragons

12) Catch My Figure 8 – Kelly Clarkson vs. Ellie Goulding

13) Miss Y – Marina & The Diamonds

14) Come & Get Problems – Selena Gomez vs. Ariana Grande

15) Birthday (Cash Cash Remix) – Katy Perry

16) Electra Heart – Marina & The Diamonds

17) SU-BARBIE-A – Marina & The Diamonds

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