Fear Of Judgement

One thing that I’ve noticed about the world lately is that many, many people are extremely afraid of what other people think of them. Yes, I recognize that this is not by any means new information but I wanted to discuss specifically how this fear of judgement holds people back from doing what they want and prevents them from being all that they can be.

I used to be a Cameron but now I’m a Ferris.

(source) (source)

What will people think of me? WHO CARES?? Most of the people you meet may never see you again. So why does it matter what they think of you and what you choose to do with your life? There is no use giving other people that much power over you. Try not to live your life according to what you think other people want. Live your life the way you want to live it.

What if I look stupid? What is and is not considered “stupid” is all a matter of opinion. And guess what? As soon as you stop concerning yourself with what other randoms think it won’t matter if you look stupid. As long as you’re enjoying yourself that’s all that really matters.

But it’s against the rules! I’m not saying you should do a total 180 a become a full fledged criminal, but it doesn’t hurt to bend the rules a bit. Throw caution to the wind! Do what you want! If it doesn’t hurt anyone then what’s the bother? Have to tear out a sheet from a workbook? TEAR is out! Crinkle that bitch! Get a tattoo on a whim! Tell someone you like them! DO. Deal with the consequences later. Live on the edge a little, just don’t hurt yourself or others.

I can’t do that. You can’t? Or you won’t? Do you want to? If so, then just do it! Or work your way up to it. Let me give you an example. My whole life I always admired people who could dance. They didn’t even have to be any good, but the fact that they had the guts to just dance really caught my attention. I never danced my self though because I convinced myself that I couldn’t. I believed it for a long time until finally one day I put my foot down and tried it. SURE, it was pretty awkward the first couple of tries but after a while I stopped caring about what other people thought of my shitty dance moves and lack of rhythm. I was dancing and having a good time! Anyone who has a problem with that can swerve.

This article may see a little repetitive, but it needs to be. People REALLY don’t want to listen to me when I tell them to stop caring so much about other people’s judgement. Seriously, though! Why give irrelevant people so much power over you? Don’t sweat the little things and live life the way YOU want to.

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