Bat Tattoo

Of course, one tattoo is never enough, right?

It was only a month later that Krista and I headed back to the local tattoo parlor, this time so Krista could get her lip pierced. I had just gotten of work on a Friday night and figured, “Hey. While we’re there I might as well…”. Another on the spot decision to get a tattoo! I had been thinking of getting this one since I got my first tattoo, but I was going to get it at some point in the distant future (possibly in a few years). Things obviously did not turn out that way.

My second tattoo, three bats on my left foot, is just as adorable as my first! It took an extra week to heal (4 weeks), but just like the first, it healed nicely. I did go outside more than I should’ve during the healing process so I need to get it touched up just a bit (the color faded a bit on the left side of the two bottom bats), but it’s not a huge deal. I get around to it eventually. It still looks absolutely amazing! Foot tattoos are supposed to be one of the most painful places for a tattoo (I was warned by the artist, but you know how I love to throw all caution to the wind) but my high pain tolerance  backed me up yet again. It hurt more than my wrist tattoo but it was still manageable. I did sweat a little but an ongoing conversation between the tattoo artist and Krista kept me distracted for the most part.

At the beginning of the year I wouldn’t have set foot in a tattoo shop, but look at me now! I even have a list on my phone of future tattoo ideas. I’m content with the one’s I have and probably won’t get any more for the time being (though I won’t make any promises). Getting tattoos is such a fun adventure! As an artist myself, I can’t complain about having cute drawings on my body. Sometimes when I look at my tattoos I fall in love with them all over again. Sure, my decision making process on the matter is on the gutsy side, but that’s what makes it so fun for me. No regrets! And I promise to spell-check any words in the event I choose to get writing on my body in the future!

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