Goodbye Twitter And Facebook

It’s hard to believe how much time people waste by staring blankly at social media apps on their phones. I used to keep refreshing the page in hopes of something new popping up but it hardly did. Eventually I got sick of allowing these apps to suck away my time so I finally pulled the plug. No, I didn’t delete my accounts (I need them for the blog, of course!) but I did delete the apps on my cellular.

Goodbye, dear friend.


So far I’ve been spending much more time doing productive things with my life, like reading, working on my website, googling images of attractive celebrities, and being inspired. You wouldn’t think glancing at your phone would soak up so much of your life, but it does! I’m living proof of it!

I still have the Twitter and Facebook apps on my iPad mini, but much like my laptop, I don’t take it everywhere I go, I’m too lazy to pull it out, it runs on wi-fi so I can’t tweet or lurk on Facebook on the go. In fact, the only social media app I’m allowing myself to have on my phone at this point is Instagram because it’s the only one I haven’t abused at this point (and I just followed a ton of Dane DeHaan fan accounts and I am not about to miss out on those pictures!).

It’s actually quite refreshing to unplug from my social media accounts a bit. Not tweeting from my phone forces me to THINK BEFORE I TWEET. *GASP!* Can you imagine?? Not tweeting every last arbitrary though that pops into your head? There are many tweets left untweeted in my life now. I could pull out my laptop, but really, letting the world know that I just ate a muffin isn’t worth the trouble.

As a result, I probably seem significantly less like a jackass on the web.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Twitter And Facebook

  1. Good for you! It is amazing how much time and energy is consumed by “lurking” and thoughtless updates. I love the idea of being more intentional with not only your time, but the content you are putting out in the word.

    You’ve inspired me to make some changes, too! I don’t know if I can straight up remove all of them from my phone yet (that’s so scary! haha) … but I think I can let a couple go. 😉


    • I’m so glad to hear that you’re trying to cut back as well! I tend to be more extreme so I enjoy going cold turkey, but I totally understand what you mean by cutting back little by little. It really does make my day to hear that you were inspired by my post. Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂


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