Spider-Man Tattoo

There was once a time I was convinced I would never get a tattoo. The  permanence of it boggled me. I couldn’t think of anything I’d want to commit to forever. Life may be short but people change so quickly! Sometimes I think back to who I was one, three, and even five years ago and am baffled by how much I’ve changed. So how could I get a tattoo that would stick with me?

My roomie during my freshman year of college, Krista, is a huge advocate of tattoos and after living with her for seven months she managed to get me in a chair. It actually didn’t take as much convincing as one would think.

spiderman tattoo - tagged

In March of 2014 I got my first tattoo. Krista wanted to hit up one of the local tattoo shops and she wanted me to tag along. She casually suggested that I get a tattoo with her and I immediately agreed. Why not? It was something I had never done for and I’m all about pushing my limits. In fact, breaking my own rules has become a personal hobby of mine over the past year! So, less that 24 hours after the idea was planted in my hair I walked out of the tattoo parlor with my first tattoo, a Spiderman heart on the inside of my right wrist.

Tattoos on the wrist are known for being one of the more painful places, but I’ve always thought it was a cute place to put a tattoo (I have been using sparkly temporary Katy Perry tattoos from her Prism Deluxe pack on the same spot for the past month). Despite the impending pain I went for it. As it turns out, I have a pretty high tolerance for pain so although it hurt, it was totally manageable. The closer the needle got to the joint between my hand and my arm the more it hurt but all I did was squint my eyes from time to time and casually let out a mellow “yikes” here and there. It healed nicely (only 3 weeks) and to this day I absolutely adore it!

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