Keep On Blogging!

I spend an insane amount of time sifting through blogs. I follow a couple of blogger retweet accounts and I wander around on Blog Lovin on a regular basis. It’s mind-boggling how many blogs exist out there! HOLY COW. It’s a massive sea and it’s so easy to feel small and inadequate in the vast amount of people on the web. There are a few things I’ve noticed, however, about the bloggersphere that I thought I should mention. Food for thought, I suppose.


Sometimes I will find myself puzzled, and a little miffed, by the number of followers some of the blogs pick up in such a short amount of time. I ask myself WHY on many occasions. Loitering Lion has a nice following but I’ve been working on this for over a YEAR. Some of these bloggers have been blogging for a month or two. What is their secret?? I figured it out. From what I understand, people have a tendency to flock towards what they know rather than something new or different. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not trying to throw shade at anyone! I’m just trying to be real right now. It’s easier to build a following if a blog is easily fit into a category. Loitering Lion, for example, is many things but putting a label of a specific genre of blog is tricky (if not impossible). But, WHO CARES if my blog doesn’t fit perfectly into any categories? Having a unique blog may take more time to get off of the ground but the supporters you do end up attracting will be much more diverse! Variety is a wonderful thing. Who needs a million readers right off the bat when you’re having fun? I like to enjoy the people who support me in the moment.


Another little tidbit I’ve noticed about the bloggersphere is that although there are an insane amount of blogs out there it’s much harder to find blogs that are consistently updated and have been worked on for extended amounts of time. I want to follow bloggers who are committed to their writing/drawings/videos/whatever it is that they do! Throw yourself into your work! I can’t tell you have many apologetic posts I’ve read about bloggers not keeping up with their website. There is nothing wrong with part-time blogging because we are all here essentially to have fun, but if you want your blog to go anywhere you have to commit! No more half-assing posts (we’ve all been there) and no more excuses. Get to work!

A final little note I’d like to make is about the visual appearance of blogs. I don’t mean to be cruel but  I WILL NOT READ A BLOG THAT LOOKS LIKE SHIT. How a blog looks is the first impression a reader has of the writer and the content. Judgy? Yes. But it’s the truth! Nobody is going to hang around a site when the font ticks them off. UGLY FONTS PISS ME OFF. As do bright ass neon colors, a cluttered interface, low quality banner images….I’m nitpicking. But seriously, though. Spend some time working on the look of your blog. Make sure it reflects you while not irritated the viewers. Mixing up the template you use could be a great move, as well. Especially with so many Blogger sites out there it’s easy for blogs to being to look identical. When designing your blog try consider how you plan on standing out to your readers in this sea of websites.

As far as blogging is concerned all I can really saw is don’t worry about the size of your following, don’t be afraid to clean the place up from time to time, and keep on blogging!

One thought on “Keep On Blogging!

  1. This was a very interesting read. I think that also making an effort to be a part of the blogging community and commenting on lots of blogs (I realise the irony of me saying this in a comment) can really help people to see that the blog is out there and help get followers too!! 🙂
    Emma | theearththroughalens


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